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March, 2015

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It's been quite a ride... making a film about lowriders & the cloning of Jesus, that deals with religion but is not propoganda, set in the parts of LA most films don't get to show, steeped with logic and humor and magic and science and sheep and DNA.

I'm so happy to have gotten to this point. For a film that is now "new" - what a long life its had. We shot the movie at the end of 2008 and pickups in mid-2009. We spent about a year in editing and post-production. Once completed, we submitted to festivals and began screening it in July of 2011 to many cities.

As a first time writer/director, I am blessed at all the talent pulled together to make this what it is. In what could have come out badly due to my passionate stupidity, it ended up being a work that I am proud to pass along to you. The great talent in the cast, crew, post-production, festivals, and beyond are gifted beyond words and continue to delight and surprise me.

A big thanks again to everywhere involved. Hope you enjoy. And with humbleness and gratitude, I wish to share what life has allowed us to make in its process.

Matt Dunnerstick - Writer/Director, The Custom Mary

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